Light Scapes Motion Flagstones

What are Light Scapes?

Take Your Brand to the Next Level

From the Makers of the revolutionary LightScapes comes the new, bold concept designed to increase traffic and build revenue.

  • Cutting-Edge Video Display Technology
  • Captivate and Amaze Customers and Prospects
  • Display Video Content that Sells
  • It’s on 24/7, Consistently Building Your Audience


Proprietary Application Concept

Encapsulated video monitors lay beneath the floor, all computer-controlled to display vibrant video and animation.
Show one, two, or more videos at one time. This way, no matter what direction your customers approach, they can view videos from any angle. Talk about your ad impressions!
Designed for Safety and Durability, sitting behind clear Lexan panels, they can withstand heavy foot traffic with their weather resistant, non-slip coating. So walk, run, jump on these beauties!
Stand out from the clutter of advertising with LightScapes Video Flagstones!

The Technology

Measuring a robust 66 by 38 inches, these HDTV monitors are embedded into your floor and only take up 3-4 inches of depth.
How? That’s where we come in. Installation is all us. You just point to where you want to display, we take care of the rest. All it takes is the monitor, a cooling system and some cabling and they’re ready to go.

Connected to a remote computer allows us to change your video whenever you want.
The Lexan panel that covers it all is level with the floor with only a small frame around the unit that is raised a mere 2mm from the floor surface.

Now You Can Truly Stand Out from the Competition!

  • Stunning, high concept High Definition videos display 24/7! As they say, set it and forget it—until you’re ready to change the video. Then, just give us a call. We take care of everything!
  • Separate your brand from all the advertising and promotion clutter. So much advertising, so many messages coming from all directions. Here’s a new way to reach your audience.
  • For Corporations, your message becomes as distinct as your business. Get creative and get results!
  • Raise Your Brand Awareness to the Next Level. That’s the bottom line – your bottom line.